Every year, we look back at the blogs we’ve published and pick our ten favorites. Motorola’s Jenn Mesenbrink has the Top Ten in 2014 for Public Safety.  Looking at our Enterprise blogs this year, there were some great topics covered by experts who provided some really insightful, helpful information. Instead of choosing ten blogs, however, I’ve decided to shamelessly ride the coattails of comedian Chris Rock’s new movie, “Top Five,” which is in theaters now and take a look at the Top Five blogs from Motorola’s Fresh Ideas in Enterprise Mobility in 2014.

1. Is Your School Safe? Have a Plan to be Prepared, by Mike Coleman
In September, we were delighted to have guest blogger Mike Coleman, Vice President of SchoolSAFE Communications, a Motorola Solutions partner, write about schools being prepared for active shooter situations. A disturbing trend, there have been 74 incidents involving guns in schools, since the Sandy Hook tragedy two years ago. It is indeed a sad reality, and Mike’s blog discusses what schools can do to put safety plans in place.


2. Making the Basics Better by Innovating Something Special, by Ben Ansell
Motorola Solutions recently released a new MOTOTRBO digital radio, the SL300, and it’s definitely something special. Motorola Global Marketing Manager for MOTOTRBO Ben Ansell interviewed the Director of Design LanTing Garra and Senior User Experience Designer Sanne Martens about what inspired them in their design work on the SL300. This radio has no glass display – LED lights beneath the rugged housing convey radio information like channel selection. It makes the device tough, yet ergonomic and sleek.


3. The 5th C of Land Mobile Radio: Capabilities, by John Kedzierski
John thinks radios are cool. We do too.  This blog from back in February by John Kedzierski, Motorola Solutions’ Senior Director of Market Strategy & Operations for North America was the sequel to a blog John previously wrote about the 4 Cs of radios: coverage, capacity, cost, and control. Capability is what John calls the “game changer,” that includes purpose-built devices and radio networks, data applications for increasing efficiency and productivity, plus security, safety, and reliability features.


4. We Can Measure the Business Impact of Learning, by Claudia Rodriguez
In February, Motorola’s Claudia Rodriguez discussed professional learning and how it is not just a valuable practice for businesses, but a critical part of success. Learn how Motorola Solutions developed a Learning Measurement Maturity Model and how the organization set its goals based on the goals of the company.


5. How Loud is Too Loud? Why You Shouldn’t Take Hearing Protection Lightly, by Nick Candotti
At Motorola Solutions, our business is communication, and safety. Protecting your hearing is serious, and as Motorola’s Director of Global Accessories and Energy Nick Candotti wrote in May, “even short term exposure to loud noise can cause a temporary change in hearing… [and] can also lead to physical and psychological stress.”


I hope you enjoyed looking back at our Top Five Enterprise blogs from 2014. Please let us know what you think about these blogs in the comments, and let us know what blogs you’d like to read in 2015 from Motorola Solutions. What are the communications topics and issues that matter to you and your business? We’ll be giving Fresh Ideas in Enterprise Mobility a new look and title next year, so please subscribe to get updates on our new blogs from industry experts and thought leaders. Thanks for a wonderful year, and we’ll see you in 2015!