Electrocom has extensive experience with healthcare facilities. We have designed, installed and maintained healthcare systems for over 60% of the healthcare facilities in Western Washington. We work with your staff and administration to create solutions tailored to your needs. We are interested in long term relationships with our customers, not just equipment sales. Our process emphasizes needs assessment and training as part of a long-term plan.

A Needs Assessment meeting is a critical information gathering and product education opportunity for all the users and our design team. It should be conducted prior to system configuration to ensure that the system design supports customer’s communication, scheduling, and safety requirements. A properly conducted Needs Assessment helps reduce any confusion or frustration, as well as setting process and procedures for future system implementations.

We offer solutions for healthcare facilities including:

Rauland a division of Ametek, Inc. partner for more than 30 years, Electrocom offers the most advanced and dependable nurse call equipment available.  Flexible integration to wireless phones, RTLS, and EMR allow shared information, such as pain management, rounding, and fall risk, across multiple systems eliminating wasted steps and optimizing work flow.

Rauland a division of Ametek, Inc., specializes in the real needs of Healthcare professionals who face heavy patient loads, compliance mandates, critical time-frames, and ever-changing technology, while never losing sight of the end objective – more responsive, safer, better patient care.

Electrocom also offers the TechWorks line of Nurse Call and Room Status Systems.  These Systems are ideal for smaller venues such as Clinics, Blood Draw Labs, or areas where a large system may not be cost-effective.  While TechWorks systems are easy to install and use, they offer a lof of the same features and functions of a much larger system.

RTLS Systems are becoming highly desirable tools for Healthcare facilities.  Asset management, staff and/or patient location, and compliance are some of the invaluable uses for RTLS.  Integrated with the Rauland Responder 5 Nurse Call System, RTLS can provide improved efficiency and workflow as well as enhancing the functionality of integration with EMR, management reporting, etc.

We can design and install an RTLS System as an enhanced integration with the Rauland Responder 5 Nurse Call System in your facility.

Public Address Systems are a critical infrastructure component of Healthcare facilities.  Electrocom has been supporting the public address needs of our customers for decades.  We have extensive experience designing, installing, and maintaining Public Address Systems in many kinds of facilities, including a large number of Hospitals in Western Washington.
While Healthcare environments continue to improve, striving to provide better patient outcomes and experiences, many Hospital settings remain extremely noisy, disrupting patients and causing privacy concerns.  Excessive noise and the resulting lack of sleep top the list of patient complaints, which can impact a Hospital’s HCAHPS score.

Additionally, HIPAA requires providers to implement safeguards to ensure patient privacy.  Ensuring speech privacy is particularly important in public spaces such as reception areas and open counters common in pharmacies, where privacy is virtually nonexistent.

Facilities have several options at their disposal to address unwanted noise and increase patient privacy. One possible solution is to add a Sound Masking System.  Electrocom is experienced in designing and installing noise masking systems, and is a Cambridge Sound Management Partner.

Electrocom is proud to offer Primex Wireless sensors.  These sensors make manual monitoring and data logging obsolete.  These state-of-the-art devices continuously monitor conditions such as temperature and air quality, and then communicate with the cloud-based OneVue™ Software via the existing Wi-Fi network to record the data.

Primex sensors are simple to install, and use advanced authentication and encryption protocols. Sensors can call, email, or text key personnel when conditions are out of tolerance.  Thresholds and alerts can be customized by individual device or by groups of devices at one time.  Using the OneVue™ software, the system can automatically capture and store back-up monitoring data.  The data can be exported to comply with regulatory audits.  The exported information meets or exceeds the requirements of the TJC, CDC VFC, FDA, State Boards of Pharmacy, and other AHJs.

Electrocom offers a wide variety of digital signage, from basic systems to state-of-the-art digital signage solutions which can integrate with your Public Address System.  Digital Signage can combine animation, graphics, text, video, and audio to get the message out to the proper audience.

Design Assessment

As a committed partner, we support the evolution of your communication needs and safety initiatives with the help of our account executives, professional trainers, certified IT technicians.

Needs Assessment

A Needs Assessment: is an integral part of the process when providing a system solution.  The goal of the Needs Assessment is to determine exactly how the customer will utilize the system


Training at your convenience to end users, as well as providing more detailed training for “Super Users” (IT personal, office managers, etc.).

Service Department

Electrocom maintains a 24/7/365 service department with a goal that our after hours on-call technician will contact you within 1 hour.

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